Meverly A. Benjamin

Meverly Benjamin’s passion is to convert her many experiences into tools to make the lives of others better. She is currently undergoing her Masters degree program. A ready-made hope giver, she has carved a niche for herself as a motivational speaker and writer.

My Dream is Meverly’s debut novel. The inspiration behind the novel is Meverly’s real-life struggles as a single other against prejudice and various hardships following her divorce. Experiencing the hard-hitting storms of life first hand, Meverly was determined to transform negativity into a positive, learning experience. With strong belief in God, she managed to work hard to make her dream a reality. Inspired to share her story, she wants to urge people of all ages to hold onto hope and persevere. With a strong belief that without test there is no testimony, Meverly felt the best way to share her message of strength and hope was to write a book.

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